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Read & use: compare & contrast essay topics for college students

Writing a strong comparison and contrast effect requires students to keep in mind that the subjects need to be logically comparable. In addition, your writing needs to have a clear purpose.

You can find some great examples of comparison and contrast work in:

  • Mark Twain’s “Two Ways of Seeing a River” or
  • Joseph Addison’s “Laughter”
  • George Eliot’s “Margaret Fuller and Mary Wollstonecraft

After you have reviewed those samples it is incumbent upon you to start writing a top notch paper. But how?

Start with the topic. If you are having trouble finding a topic, consider the topic suggestions below:

  1. Compare & contrast two stages of a person’s life
  2. Compare & contrast two professional athletes
  3. Compare & contrast your view of your parents while you lived with them and once you moved out
  4. Compare & contrast two neighborhoods
  5. Compare & contrast two video games
  6. Compare & contrast taking an online course to a traditional classroom course
  7. Compare & contrast a place you visited in the past and in the present
  8. Compare & contrast one place in the morning versus at night
  9. Compare & contrast bulimia and anorexia
  10. Compare & contrast a good boss to a bad boss
  11. Compare & contrast two ways to study for a test
  12. Compare & contrast two ways to lose weight (one way should be a healthy way and the other should be an unhealthy way)
  13. Compare & contrast two workplaces
  14. Compare & contrast Microsoft and Apple
  15. Compare & contrast two memorable teachers you had
  16. Compare & contrast two coffee shops
  17. Compare & contrast being love to infatuation
  18. . Compare & contrast two of your close friends
  19. Compare & contrast two different ways to download movies
  20. Compare & contrast two different ways to download music
  21. Compare & contrast an active student in your class to a passive student in your class
  22. Compare & contrast two versions of the same movie (a classic and the remake of it)
  23. Compare & contrast your current car to the car you want to own one day
  24. Compare & contrast your current home to the home you want to own one day
  25. Compare & contrast a book to the movie of it (such as Harry Potter of the Lord of the Rings)
  26. Compare & contrast two different types of exercise -provides compare and contrast essay topics for college students

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